‘No Makeup Selfie’ For Cancer – Ugly or ‘Cakeface’?

My Facebook timeline has been awash with these ‘No makeup selfies’ for cancer in the past week. It is absolutely insane how these trends become viral in such a short period of time. Personally, I don’t exactly see the point how these pictures of girls without their makeup is raising awareness. I mean why is it that we need social media as a platform to be congratulated by virtual ‘Likes’ from ‘Friends’, in order to feel like we are doing a charitable deed. Anyway, that is not the angle I am taking on this article. I want focus on the hate women get for wearing makeup and the contradictory abuse they receive for wearing no makeup. Of course our appearance changes when we apply makeup, I mean why else would we buy it?

I’ll be honest, I am an absolute addict when it comes to makeup and all things cosmetic. Everyone has their item of interest that eventually becomes a collection and to many girls makeup is just that. Something I have noticed on both Facebook and Twitter, in particular Facebook is the negative response that women are receiving from men and even fellow women about their ‘no makeup’ look.


This really just emphasises the deception that the media  play on both men and women. Photoshop, Instagram, and the many other editing programs have allowed us to make our skin tones more evened out. The many filters like ‘Amaro’ allow us to have a bold and bright glow washing out any redness, while ‘Mayfair’ and ‘Hudson’ increases the saturation to make your blue eyes pop. Hiding a bad skin day, try either the filter ‘Willow’ or ‘Inkwell.’

The media causes men to believe every woman should look like a Victoria’s Secret model and women put each other down due to jealousy as we are constantly subconsciously reminded we are finding for a man’s approval.

Photo Credit- US Magazine
Photo Credit- US Magazine

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, and Mila Kunis are just a few of the most photographed women who appear to have this ‘perfect’ and ‘flawless’ complexion. The bright lights, hair stylists, makeup artists, and of course, the heavy duty concealer are all part of the illusion. Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s latest ‘It’ girl. She is funny, charismatic, not afraid to embarrass herself in front of the world and of course, a natural beauty. This ‘natural’ beauty doesn’t wake up looking how she does in the above right photograph. That look has probably taken over two hours to create along with those perfect tousled beachy curls, but you can bet she has top professionals in to help put this polished look together.

Photo Credit- US Weekly
Photo Credit- US Weekly
Photo Credit- OnSugar
Photo Credit- OnSugar

Kim Kardashian is probably best known in the beauty world for her famous contour look, which consists of serious amounts of makeup heavy duty concealer, lots of contour and buckets of highlighter. Kim even posted a picture to her Instagram to show the long process of creating her flawless look.

Photo Credit- SoSueMe
Photo Credit- SoSueMe
THE FINISHED PRODUCT- Photo Credit- MakeupMinutes
THE FINISHED PRODUCT- Photo Credit- MakeupMinutes

Having showed you the reality of makeup and photoshop which has submerged our society today, I hope it makes you think that we all aren’t rich reality stars that have the resources to constantly look immaculate. I think we need to question our obsession as a society of constantly striving for ‘perfection.’ There is no such thing as perfection as one person’s perfection to another’s could be entirely different.

This is where I will take you to my next point and that is acne. There are so many guys and girls today ranging from all different ages that are suffering with the horrible skin condition, acne. I have many family members and friends who have suffered awful years of insecurity and shame for the condition of their skin all because we compare ourselves to these airbrushed celebrities that have had their imperfections concealed.


At the end of summer 2013 after thinking I had escaped any chance of suffering acne, it hit me the minute I stepped off the plane after spending part of the summer working in Sicily. My skin was raw and just revolting to look at, I remember bawling on the phone crying to my mum to buy me something as I “needed a miracle.”  I was embarrassed and jealous as I looked at other girl’s skin both around me and online. I then came across a few videos online of girls who suffer immensely from cystic acne, the type that likes to make a cosy home for itself deep into the pores and overstay its welcome, or just turns up unannounced with no invitation. So rude, I know! Having watched these videos, I realised i’m just normal but in fact, I am actually really lucky. There is always someone out there who has something ten times worse than you will ever have.

I came across this lovely girl Melanie on Youtube. In the video above she talks about how makeup has improved her confidence as her skin is her biggest insecurity. I think makeup is a wonderful tool to help both guys and girls camouflage their acne but with everything it just depends how you apply it. All the people on the Internet calling girls ugly for taking their ‘No makeup selfie,’ just think about it before you write your status because just as Melanie said in her video, “This is so hard for me to do,” there are many girls out there who may have posted a picture of their biggest insecurity to all their Facebook friends. 

In the end you can’t win. A girl who doesn’t wear makeup is considered ‘ugly’ yet a girl who wears makeup is considered a ‘cake face’ or just simply vain. Makeup can transform someones life as shallow as it sounds, but if it gives them the confidence to get out of bed in the morning and face the world it is life changing.

REMEMBER- Girls don’t wakeup looking red carpet ready so its time to realise that those Hollywood movies and the media industry in general are the people who are deceiving us.

Feel beautiful no matter what, inside and out.





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