Dating in Dubai – 7 Guys You Will Find

Dating in Dubai is probably one of my most frequently asked questions. I think because the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, many people are under the impression that dating or mixing with the opposite sex is forbidden, or simply doesn’t exist. WRONG! 

Below are a list of the 7 types of guys either myself or someone I know of has come across while living in Dubai. Obviously not every man falls into the categories below, however, I have seen my fair share. Please take this article with a pinch of salt.

The Narcissist –  It often takes time to spot a narcissistic guy, as with experience they easily allure their prey through either an attractive physical appearance or the ability to verbally entice you. However, once the sirens go off, run! The Dubai narcissist enjoys large amounts of admiration, they are special creatures who believe in self-entitlement, cannot be criticised, and lack a sense of empathy. A key indicator that demonstrates their title is if there is a disagreement, they will pull the ‘You just don’t understand me’ card. You will eventually catch them out with their contradictory behaviour and overnight, he will cut you out of his life and ignore you as if your relationship never existed. He will probably tell the next girl that his ex (You) are non-stop trying to communicate him day and night. Ugh, Stop being such a stalker!


The Player – In Dubai with large amounts of opulence and prestige, the player can often be found in the extreme format, in comparison to other cities. He is typically mildly attractive but relies on designer clothes, name dropping and expensive cars that are probably bought on credit. The player has many phones (Don’t trust him when he tells you it’s just a work phone, you probably are the ‘work’ Habibi) and him calling you ‘Habibi’ or ‘Habibti’ is not because he loves you, but rather he has forgotten your name, as you are potentially one of the many Habibis in his life. Sorry, not sorry if that comes across as harsh… The turnover of people in Dubai is constant and with everything, always remember that you are easily replaceable, therefore be cautious with anyone who appears too good to be true. He probably is!

Dubai Player.png

The Stage 5 Clinger – In this unfair world that we live in guys usually get away with being clingers more so than girls. We are supposed to view it as ‘cute’ or ‘endearing’ but let’s be honest girl, your nationality looks attractive and so does your passport in comparison to his. Give him the ‘Deported’ stamp of approval and banish him out of your life as soon as things feel like they are going too fast! Increasingly, depending on your passport, it can be the headache or help to benefit your circumstances. CHECK OUT YOUR PASSPORT RANKING HERE!

Lebanese .png

The ‘Open-minded’ Guy – My personal favourite, which I have frequently mentioned on my Snapchat (Nakedwithoutmyl). Realistically he is an Arab – Emirati, Saudi, Lebanese, Egyptian, Omani, Syrian or Jordanian. They will claim that religion or cultural traditions do not influence their life. He has travelled abroad for University and has been somewhat ‘enlightened’ by his experience. Additionally, since returning back to the Middle East, he annually takes a trip to London or Bangkok to maintain his ‘open-mindedness’ desires (*cough* easier sexual pursuits *cough*). He will be totally cool about sex, I mean we are all sexual beings regardless of a marriage certificate, right? WARNING – DO NOT BE FOOLED! Virginity in this part of the world is still a prized possession and if you give away the goods too early, you are yesterday’s news and it is onto the next conquest. Men here LOVE the hard-to-get approach. Low-key this man secretly wants you to convert, cover up and become his fourth wife. You have been warned! The best way you can tell whether he is open-minded is seeing how his mother/sisters live. If they are fully covered (Not by choice) and must ask for permission to leave the house although they are in their 30s, you have your answer, Habibi.


The Jealous Guy – This is a very common category that can be found in this part of the world and has the possibility to be grouped into several of the classifications above. You may not have the ‘exclusive’ title yet between you and your man but don’t even dream about mentioning another guy’s name in his presence (This includes your male gay bestie too). However, unwarranted he will probably mention ex-girlfriends, female work colleagues that totally fancy him and  miscellaneous women. Don’t even try disputing the discriminatory approach in his tactics because you will just be informed of your psychotic   tendencies. He will begin to act EXTREMELY possessive if any other man even as much as looks at you in his presence.


The Married Guy – An absolute EPIDEMIC in Dubai! Regardless of religion, culture or nationality, this category is rampant. Prior to moving out to Dubai, an ex-colleague at Irish Tatler warned me about this problem and I honestly found it hard to comprehend at the time. It appears that many married couples arrive to Dubai, happy as Larry, although after a while the cracks begin to show and ultimately the reason for their breakup is due to infidelity. Adultery is widely documented as being ‘Haram’ or illegal in Dubai. Sometimes in places where things are deemed illegal by law, people are more inclined to break the rules because secretly we are all children who get a sense of gratification when playing with fire. I once met a 40-something year old Danish man out one night. I had no interest but only chatting with him, although he of course had other intentions. I questioned whether he was married or not. “No, i’m still looking for the right woman” he proclaimed. The following day I went out for breakfast with some friends. Who walks in? My questionably hungover Danish friend, hand-in-hand with his wife and a wedding ring on his left finger. I rest my case. Living here you must become an excellent investigator, so much so that the FBI will be headhunting you for your exceptional abilities.


The Stopover Guy – You will especially find an abundance of these guys on Tinder. Usually they are here alone on vacation, business or a short stopover before they depart to more permanent pastures such as Australia. Unless you fancy something very temporary, steer clear. “I’m looking for someone to show me around the city.” Habibi, i’m not a tour guide or your one-night hooker. Bon Voyage! XOXO.


Let me know if you have experienced one of the 7 categories of men above.




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