Long-legged Problems – Buying Jeans

Buying jeans has always been a struggle for me and not for the most conventional reasons as many others would tell you.

Why you may ask? Well, in somewhat of a blessing and a curse, I am 188 cm (around 6″2/6″3 give or take). With this height comes very long limbs, most notably my legs, therefore finding a pair of jeans that fit me in all the right places is my biggest battle.

The Tall section at Topshop has always been my go-to outlet when it comes to buying jeans. If you are lucky, you can sometimes get your hands on a pair of 36″ length trousers. I visited New York City this January 2018 and honestly my top priority on my shopping list was to buy all the long-legged jeans I could possibly get my hands on. Generally speaking, I feel like the USA caters to more shapes and sizes than any other country in the world. After returning from the deep-depths of the 5th Avenue Topshop stockroom, my lovely sales assistant handed me three pairs of my favourite ‘Jamie’ style jeans, in THREE different colours. No joke, my reaction was as if he had handed me a winning lotto ticket!

Having lived in Dubai for the past three years, slowly but surely the selection of tall sections in stores were disappearing before my very eyes and being replaced with petite sections. Anytime I passed by a Topshop store, I always made it my business to enquire about any potential 36″ jeans laying about, however I was never in luck. Surprisingly, the sales assistant would always reveal that I wasn’t the only one on the hunt for a pair, which baffles me as to why they would remove the Tall section altogether?

Online shopping isn’t really my thing. I prefer to go to the store, view the material, try it on and decide from there. Am I the only one who feels this way? Many of my friends always seem to have a shopping cart full of items and in the heat of the moment, click that one little ‘Purchase’ button that for some reason alleviates the stress of a manic day.

Owning a pair of Levi’s, new or pre-loved, is a right of passage in every adult’s wardrobe. The brand dates back to 1873 when the first pair of Levi’s were manufactured as a durable garment for American employees, working in labour-intensive environments. The firm, yet comfortable denim ensures a pair of jeans will last a lifetime and beyond, with some comparing them to a fine wine that gets better with age.

Unfortunately I cannot find the style/number of these Levi’s that I am wearing below, but maybe a brief description will give you more of an indication.

  • Distressed light blue jean
  • Cropped and straight leg fit
  • High-waisted with silver buttons (no zips)
  • Size 29 – (10-12 UK & 6-8 US)
  • $100 price tag

Honestly, at first when I tried these jeans on I was a little unsure, simply because i’m used to wearing skinny jeans that have a little more ‘give’ to the fabric and length. Although in the long run, I think these jeans will serve me well because they will not rip (this ALWAYS happens to me around the booty/crotch area). Secondlythe distressed detail is rigid enough to prevent my underwear from making its debut to all in a couple of weeks due to wear and tear.

I am so used to seeing girls on Instagram showing off their tiny waists in a pair of vintage Levi’s (not gonna lie, i’m slightly envious. I have no curves AT ALL). Fear not though, the wide selection of styles that the brand carry means that they cater to all shapes and sizes,  and you too will find a style that will compliment your fabulous figure.

Happy jean shopping!


Glasses – Bought them at a market in Spain / ShirtZara / BlazerZara / Jeans – Levi’s Shoes Stradivarius



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