The Optical Illusion – Stripes Are Your Friend, Darling!

Five years ago, there is absolutely NO WAY I would be caught dead in a pair of anything that wasn’t a skinny jean. The thought of anything that didn’t cling to my pins and cut off my blood circulation was a scary thought…dramatic, I know.

Since spending a few years living in the Middle East, I learned a lot about fashion and of course evolved from a young twenty-something into a more, dare I say it, mature mid to late twenty-something.

Life in Dublin in comparison to life in Dubai is without a doubt a major shock to the system. The first thing that comes to mind is the weather. Between May and October the weather moves between opening a hot oven of dead heat that smacks you in the face to closing a sweaty sauna that makes the possibility of maintaining decent hair and make-up impossible. As you can imagine, winter is thoroughly welcomed from the beginning of November to April.

With that being said, tight trousers/jeans were something that I moved away from, whether I liked it or not, and embraced the looser-fitted pants, but absolutely NOT the harem pants. Controversial or not, I somewhat cringe when I see people wearing these because they have either just returned from travelling around South East Asia and are now ‘enlightened’ or you start to grow into these comfortable pants without realising it. This is why a waist band is VITAL to not only make the look more polished in my opinion, but prevent you from growing into your snug slacks.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Let me know!


Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana / Silk Blouse – Mango / Trousers – Mango / Coat – It was my Grandmothers / Shoes – Dune London and Converse



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