Pretty Pastel Purple Hair – SLaM Dubai

The best hair stylist is one that takes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to try new things.

Simona from SLaM Dubai is probably the BEST hair stylist I have ever had! Living in Dubai, she is a breath of fresh hair – Blunt, honest and a genuine good chat. I think the worst thing about going to a salon is when you have to have that awkward small talk with your stylist but you don’t want to be rude. Anyone else feel the same?

Honestly, I was quite terrified that my boss would fire on the spot for arriving to work with this hair colour but strangely enough, he loved it. I made a video about ‘Being A Woman In DUBAI’  if you would like to further check out my hair colour and hear my thoughts on the subject.

If you have bleach blonde hair and are looking to change up your look, pastel purple is the best option. Purple not only looks good but it also cleans any of those brassy tones that unfortunately comes along with being a faux blonde.

The result of this look? Two for the price of one – A new, vibrant purple colour that will last between 2 to 5 washes and super clean blonde hair, once all the purple has washed out. Pink is another colour that works well.

Tip – Be careful if you are going to mess around with blues or greens because they will linger in your hair and it is next to impossible to obtain that clean blonde tone, if you start to play around with the wrong side of the rainbow. I will insert the colour wheel below, which will give you an indication what will work best with your hair colour.

IMPORTANT TIP! – Do NOT play around with bleach unless you know what you are doing! I have been there, done that and was one of those poor, unfortunate souls who was left bald. (True story) There is a science behind bleach and hairdressing, so leave it to the professionals! However, in saying that there are tons of amazing wash-in, wash-out brands that are perfect for playing around with. My favourite brand is Crazy Color.



Colour wheel



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