I will never forget the intense heat of this June evening while I was taking these pictures on the beach. Usually in most countries when the sun goes down there is a temperate drop, but not in Dubai. 

I always receive messages from followers on my YouTube channel / Snapchat (Nakedwithoutmyl) and Instagram (holly.lenny), telling me they are planning a trip to Dubai between June-August. PLEASE DON’T! The temperates can often reach 47-50 Celsius and if you are planning to work on your tan or just generally walking about, well that won’t be happening unless you are okay with suffering third-degree burns. Don’t worry though because everywhere is highly air-conditioned, so there is a greater chance of catching a cold.

I always advise people to visit between October to April. Temperates are more bearable and unlike other countries during the winter, people begin to sit outside, rooftop bars re-open, and generally everyone is happy because they can breathe again without bursting into flames. (Samantha from Sex and the City was right! It can happen!)

As you know, i’m quite tall and buying a jumpsuit has always been an issue for me because not only are my legs long but my torso too. I pretty much buy everything in a size medium from Zara and for once this pinstriped jumpsuit fit me like a glove.

Sunglasses – Feelin 100 / Jumpsuit – Zara / Shoes – Steve Madden



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