Amsterdam so far…

img_0617_facetune_21-01-2019-19-08-14I don’t know if people even read blogs or just generally read anymore? Here I go anyway…

I moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in September 2018. It was a rash move, but it felt right and according to my previous patterns, this is how I like to move country. The older I become the more I begin to trust my gut instinct more and more in everything I do. I moved to Amsterdam to live in a hostel for the first two weeks. I am not going to say it was rough because I mentioned before in a previous post that it was a great female-only hostel. Before I arrived I managed to link up with a guy via a Facebook page, who offered to rent me a room in his two-bedroom apartment, without registration, obviously. If you are moving here, you will soon become tired of hearing the word ‘registration.’

I had never lived with a guy before, but I somehow thought it could be easier than living with a girl. Plus I wanted to experience a world the total opposite of Dubai – the HARAM side! The demand for accommodation in Amsterdam is incredible. People are so desperate for a roof over their heads, they end up being scammed thousands of Euros by certain individuals taking advantage over an over-heated property market. I have had some more pretty crazy apartment viewings stories that I must mention about in my new video. Living with a guy for four months was probably up there as one of the most challenging times of my life. I wasn’t myself and it was a constant ‘walking on eggshells’ type of environment. I know many people are quick to judge addicts and not mental health, but I believe poor mental health is a primary contributor that many fail to acknowledge. Long story short, it ended quickly and..well, badly. Nothing more to say on that topic.


I mentioned in one of my latest YouTube video’s that I was working as a barista while I was interviewing for jobs. I love coffee and being a barista was on my bucket list of must-do jobs in life. I really enjoyed learning how to make coffee and working with interesting and creative colleagues, who they too were trying to get established in their dream career and make it to the next post in life. It was the first time I thought to myself to ‘fuck it’. Who cares if someone from home knows that I’m really working as a barista? That I am not an over-worked doctor, or a stressed out lawyer, or some miserable girl sitting behind an office desk pondering her life away all day? Fuck it, because I am enjoying myself and only I have the ability to do and feel that feeling.

Roll on 2019. I had and still have a feeling about this year. A good one at least. This time last year I wanted my life to look like how it is now. It took a year, but with a lot of self-motivation and self-seeking of what I want, I managed to manifest everything I envisioned one year later. It was difficult, lonely and mentally challenging, but here I am. I managed to find my dream apartment in Amsterdam, minus the difficult housemate, but a new addition, who is hopefully more zen. Fingers crossed!

Sadly my previous job ended much like with my old housemate. Working in the hospitality industry in Amsterdam is not easy. There’s a lot of shady businesses out there who expect you to be on time, be full of smiles, but forget to pay you. Be careful! I am happy to report that I found a new job in the media industry, with a great team that has turned me around from being a miserable girl behind a desk to a less so miserable girl behind a desk.

I’m really cynical to the self-manifestation concept. It’s always presented as so cliché and a little cringe in my opinion. Overthinking and self-analysing every situation is so familiar. But just like when you are on a diet, you have to silence the irritating ‘conscious’ hunger to access the ‘subconscious’ you just had lunch 15 minutes ago hunger. Be without the doubt.

A few people have been contacting me on my various social media platforms asking for an update on my new life here. I haven’t been in the right moment or space to film a new YouTube video, but I want to start documenting my life again. I often look back at my old videos in Dubai and cherish the fact that I captured these moments. I remember how I felt that day (happy or depressed), where I went, who with, etc.,

But cheers to 2019 in Amsterdam and capturing more moments…

HOLLY 2.jpg

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