The Masks We Wear


At a recent Shamanic mediation, the session unfolded with the a theme that was pulled from the deck of cards – masks. Wearing a mask is often associated with negative connotations. However, in reality there are an array of masks, good and bad that we wear to align with the context of a situation. This particular guided meditation was one of the most powerful to date. I was wholly present in my body and mind. My absolute concentration vividly painted the picture that follows…

Choose a place that signifies peace to you. For me it’s always the same special place in Ireland, deep in the Wicklow mountains. The moon shining bright onto a body of water. It is glistening in the moonlight, sparkling like a diamond and yet, so still. There is a deafening silence, absolute tranquility. Beyond the trees, a path unfolds. There are numerous different passages, but there is one calling your name. The adventure begins as you embark on a stroll down your chosen path. Everything feels right, familiarity. The dense forest is a plethora of contrasting nature, trees of every shape and size lay in abundance before you. An owl hoots in the far off distance, the echoes vibrate into the still night. In this moment you see it. One tree, the needle in the haystack. It is calling your name, you know it because it feels like home.

You sit down in front of the tree trunk, fully aware of your physical body as it makes contact with the ground. Presence. Become aware of your breath. Take a deep inhalation. Through this inhalation the energetic connection is made between your grounding cord, the sacral chakra and the Earth. Your breath is your path to your inner knowing. Prepare to unblock your emotions and release the masks that no longer serve you. Keep your posture straight, the neck slightly bowed to take any unwanted weight off your shoulders. The next inhalation sends the infinite red silk thread deep beneath the Earth. It unravels and bright red energy from the universe fills your entire body with warmth. You are grounded, fully anchored.

The presence of another energy is before you. However, there is no threat. You welcome the energy. It’s familiar and kindhearted – your spirit animal. They stand before you and bow in reverence of your unique and special soul. The spirit animal points out the bag you are carrying. Although you were previously unaware you were carrying it. Already you feel lighter. Inside it is filled with an array of masks, many you are aware of and others you are only realising now. You place each mask on the forest floor, each one laid before you to witness the full spectrum of yourself. Pick up each mask and connect with how it makes you feel. Pick up the mask that is no longer empowering you and make your way back to the body of water, your river of life. Gently place the mask into the placid current and with gratitude, release it. At one point in your life you needed this mask, it brought you the lessons you required to be where you are standing today. 

Upon return to the forest floor, where the rest of your masks remain, your spirit animal hands you a new mask. It is completely blank, a fresh canvas for you to embrace a new mask that will empower the next stage of your life’s journey. You ask your spirit animal for insight, any guidance you require to proceed on the path of life. “Trust yourself. Follow your intuition with the forthcoming developments.” You thank your spirit animal for their assistance. After a ceremonial bow, the spirit animal diminishes into the deep depths of the forest. An overwhelming sense of clarity implodes your current state of Being. After gathering up all your masks, you make your way back along the path. You are wearing your new mask. Maybe it’s not quite developed yet, but there is certainty in its impending becoming. The moon is still shining bright in the sky. You look back at your path, thankful for the wisdom and uninterrupted insight revealed before you.

Take three vigorous exhales. When you are ready, begin to make the transition back. Give yourself a moment to reflect on all the different masks you wear each day. 


* This was a general outline of the meditation to help you understand. As perquisite to attending this mediation, I am not allowed to share the actual recording. I hope I could articulate my experience in the best way possible, without overstepping the boundary of trust. 


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