About Me


Holly Lenny is originally from Ireland. After attaining her degree in Journalism and Visual Media in 2014, she has lived in Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and The Netherlands. Holly’s professional background is in content creation and communications in an array of industries – fashion, hospitality, education, travel and culture.

‘Nakedwithoutmylippy’ started back in 2013 on YouTube to discuss beauty. The channel became a platform to start a conversation about deeper topics in the industry – thought provoking discussions and creating connections. Surpassing 32,000 followers, Holly worked with numerous beauty brands, including a television series that aired in Ireland.

Upon moving to Dubai in late 2015, Holly created a new extension to the brand – LippyInDubai. Documenting her travels and sharing insight into different cultures allowed her to reach a wider audience demographically. 

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“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” –

Chuck Palahniuk